About me

My name is Michael Pfeffer and this blog is about my family and our grand adventures (and whatever else I decide to write about).


  • I am a serial entrepreneur and got my start in the tech scene as a co-founder of AllRecipes.com.  Today, I am CEO of Ibis Networks, a leading E-IoT company focused on helping large commercial organizations save energy and money by taking control of their Plug Load energy use.  
  • When I am not working (which is rare), I enjoy playing with my two sons, Asa and Liam and my wonderful wife, Lacey.
  • We have two cats and three wonderful dogs.  Lulu, the Pocket Pig, Rosie the Water Bear, and A`hina`hina the Sea Wolf.  Our fuzzy kids are a part of the family and it is hard to head out on grand adventures without them!
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